Surviving The Aftermath Is A City-Builder At The End Of The World

Illustration for article titled iSurviving The Aftermath/i Is A City-Builder At The End Of The World

Screenshot: Surviving The Aftermath

It’s not enough these days for a city-builder to just be about building a city. There’s always a catch, or a weird setting, and I like it, because it’s giving us all kinds of new and weird ways to enjoy the genre. The latest example: Surviving the Aftermath.

Now out in Early Access on Steam, it has you building a settlement in a post-apocalyptic world. But then there’s loads of other stuff too, like defending it from attack and sending expeditions out into the wastelands to connect with other folks.

While that sounds a lot like Frostpunk, the video will show that all actually plays out a bit differently, especially the world-scale stuff.

Developed by Paradox’s Iceflake Studios, it’ll also be coming to console…at some point in the future.