Who proved himself? Who is forever young? Who kept his eye in?

The Six Nations returns on Saturday, when Ireland play Italy in a game that was originally scheduled for early March. This is not the first time the tournament has been played so late in the year. Why were some games delayed until October in 2001?

Flights were cancelled when a volcanic eruption in Iceland caused a huge ash cloud to move across northern Europe

There was a referendum on Scottish independence in May 2001 and the British government did not want to “stoke national tension” by holding the Six Nations in the build-up to the vote

Travel was curtailed after the foot and mouth outbreak

The tournament was held later due to the timing of the Rugby World Cup that year

Which team remains unbeaten in this year’s Six Nations?







None of them

Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored both goals for Milan as they beat Inter 2-1 in the derby at the weekend. No one has scored more goals in Serie A this season than Ibrahimovic. What age is he?





Scott McTominay put in a commanding performance for Manchester United against PSG. Why was it particularly impressive?

He left his boots in Manchester and had to wear a pair of mouldies instead

He played the first half “with only one eye”

He left the pitch for “a quick piss” midway through the match

He was excellent on the field and still found the headspace during half-tim to send a string of tweets that challenged the government about their education policy

Teófimo López showed the world what he can do on Saturday night, beating the all-time great boxer Vasiliy Lomachenko, who had only lost two of his previous 410 fights. López was born in Brooklyn and is based in the US, but which country did he represent at the Olympics four years ago?



Great Britain


There were six English teams in action in Europe this week. Which of them did not win?

Manchester United

Manchester City



Tottenham Hotspur

Leicester City

Alun Wyn Jones will win his 148th international cap when he plays for Wales against France this weekend. Which other rugby union player has earned as many caps?

Sergio Parisse

Martin Johnson

Brian O’Driscoll

Richie McCaw

Lionel Messi was on the scoresheet for Barcelona in the Champions League this week, meaning he has scored in the competition for each of the last 16 seasons – every campaign since 2005-06. Who is the only other player to have scored in the Champions League in 16 different seasons?


Ryan Giggs

Ruud van Nistelrooy

Thomas Müller

Borussia Mönchengladbach forward Marcus Thuram had some trouble getting past security at the San Siro before his team’s Europa League match against Milan this week. How did he convince the security guard that he was playing in the game?

He phoned his dad, Lilian Thuram, who played in Serie A for a decade and asked him to speak to the security guard

He grabbed a nearby football and did some keepie-uppies and tricks

He showed the security guard his Louis Vuitton wash bag and argued that no one other than a footballer would be silly enough to pay €1,000 for a handbag that holds deodorant and toothbrush

He Googled himself and showed the security guard his picture

Lewis Hamilton will be hoping to win his 92nd grand prix on Sunday and overtake Michael Schumacher in the all-time rankings. Where is the race? Clue: Hamilton has never won a grand prix here before.





Barcelona host Real Madrid on Saturday in the first clásico of the season. The clubs have been playing for more than a century but this will be their first game in an empty stadium. Which of the two teams has won more of their 244 competitive fixtures?

Real Madrid


Neither of them

1 and above.

Hard lines. Have a great weekend

2 and above.

Hard lines. Have a great weekend

3 and above.

Hard lines. Have a great weekend

4 and above.

A decent score. Have a great weekend

5 and above.

A decent score. Have a great weekend

6 and above.

A fine score. Have a great weekend

7 and above.

A fine score. Have a great weekend

8 and above.

An excellent score. Have a great weekend

9 and above.

An excellent score. Have a great weekend

10 and above.

An excellent score. Have a great weekend

0 and above.

Hard lines. Have a great weekend

11 and above.

Perfection. Have a great weekend

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