Richard Osman: Pointless host gets Botox injections to cope with 'pain' – 'Much younger'

Pointless host Richard Osman dished the details on a medical procedure he underwent today. Taking to Twitter, the BBC host joked that his new and improved knee looked “so much younger” after undergoing Botox.

The 49-year-old presenter explained that he had been in a lot of “pain” and was advised to have the treatment, more often used to improve the look of fine lines.

In view of his 967,000 followers, Richard wrote: “Just had a Botox injection to deal with knee pain.

“My knee now looks unexpressive, but so much younger.”

The small-screen star also revealed he had cortisone placed in his knee for the iliotibial band (IT band), which is a long piece of connective tissue that runs along the outside of your leg from the hip to the knee and shinbone.

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Elsewhere, Richard has addressed his upcoming birthday celebrations and admitted he is quite content that Covid-19 restrictions have placed his plans on hold.

The House of Games frontman will be turning 50 in a few weeks but has dismissed the idea of having a big party.

Taking to the micro-blogging site, he wrote: “It’s my 50th birthday in less than a month, and if restrictions continue I’m not going to be able to have a big party.

“So that’s some good news at least.”