Mice are not dangerous to health, but they can spread disease through their saliva and nesting materials. With winter just around the corner, mice will be attempting to come inside in search of food and shelter. However Mrs Hinch fans have shared their top tips on how to prevent them from coming in and how to get rid of them if they have already managed to sneak in. 

If mice are not removed from the property as soon as possible, they will start to nest in warm places.

It may not always be easy to spot a mouse in the house but certain ways to detect them include loud noises at night, evidence of something chewing on items like boxes or clothing and areas that may be cluttered with shredded paper.

The pests are quite easy to remove, once their nest area is found. 

Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, one cleaning fanatic asked for advice on how to remove mice from her home.

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Mice have a superb sense of smell and are attracted to sweet food scents like sugar. 

However they hate the smell of things like peppermint which can deter them from your home.

Plug in air fresheners work by inserting a fragrance bottle into the bottom of the diffuser and plugging the unit into an available socket. This will them spray air freshener into the air throughout the day.

Another person said: “Buy an electric plug in for insects and rodents, it sends out sonic noises, you can buy them from eBay or Amazon.”

This way of removing rodents from the home is generally safe to use because it avoids the use of dangerous and toxic chemicals which may be harmful to household pets and even humans.

They can be quite expensive, however they can be used again and again if the pests were ever to return.

One Mrs Hinch fan offered some advise to the woman that involved hiding any food that may be left out.

The comment read: “Please ensure you put your fruit bowl in the fridge at night and take out the kitchen bin before bed. You should wash down all the surfaces with bleach and don’t let children walk around eating food and dropping crumbs. A mouse can live on a single crisp for days.

“I used to be a pest control advisor and they can squeeze through a hole as narrow as a ballpoint ben so block up any holes you can find with wire wool or a Brillo pad.

“If this doesn’t work you should ring your local councils pest control team.”

Mice love sweet fruits but if they cannot find any food around the home to eat, they will eat anything they can find.

This means it is extremely important to hide all visible food that may be left out on the counter including fruits, sugar and a biscuit tin. 

Another cleaning fanatic recommended the same and explained that all food should be covered.

They said: “Remove all food sources that are easily accessible. Put cereals and rice etc in plastic boxes with lids.

“Get rid of anything nearby that they can shred for bedding too. My mum had this last year and we got rid of them.

“You can also get a humane mouse trap from Amazon fairly cheaply. Good luck!”

Humane mice traps work by capturing the animal but not killing them or harming them in any way.

The idea is that once they are caught, they can be let back into the wild. 

It is recommended that they aren’t released back outside right by the home they were captured from as they will easily find their way back to where their nest was.

source: express.co.uk


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