Rebecca Adlington cradles baby bump as she admits boyfriend missed 20-week scan 'So sad'

Instagram followers and fans took to the comments section to share their thoughts and similar experiences.

“It’s so rubbish isn’t it. Partners are missing out so much at the moment,” said former reality star Maria Fowler, who gave birth to her second child at the start of the month.

TV presenter Ade Adepitan also found himself in a similar position.

“Congratulations Becky! I’m in the same boat and haven’t been able to join my wife for any of our scans, even when we had a serious scare at 12 weeks!

“Sadly I think it’s gonna be the same for birth. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy,” he added.

Complimenting Rebecca on her pregnancy glow, a third follower remarked: “You look absolutely beautiful….”

Another added: “You look lovely. It’s so awful partners are missing out on these things. It just doesn’t seem very fair at all.”