Across the board, though, face masks are now a mandatory requirement.

Jet2, for example, explains that passengers must wear a face mask, with some additional specific rules on the type of mask which is allowed.

“You need to keep your face mask on throughout the whole flight but you can take it off temporarily so that you can eat and drink comfortably. Just be careful your mask doesn’t touch any surfaces when you take it off.

“Face masks need to cover your mouth and nose and should be either a protective or medical-style mask, or a fitted face covering,” advises the Jet2 website.

“Coverings such as scarves, snoods, balaclavas or any similar items aren’t acceptable for travel.”

Jet2 recommend switching for a new mask every four hours during your journey.

The website adds: “It’s a good idea to stock up on masks before you travel as it’s recommended you change disposable ones every four hours and wash reusable ones after each use.

“Plus, you’ll need to wear a mask for your whole return journey too.”



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