Eamonn Holmes: This Morning host thanks fans for calling out Ruth Langsford's 'wrong' move

A third follower said: “Traditionally, in Cornwall and other parts of the celtic world, ‘swede’ is referred to as ‘turnip’ so the two terms are interchangeable, but the actual ingredient of a pasty is ‘swede’.”

However, lots of followers sided with Ruth on this occasion.

“Ruth is right.. it’s a Swede. Sorry Eamonn but get over it you lost this one,” a third social media follower remarked.

“Sorry Eamonn but #ruthisright the big yellow flesh vegetable is a swede and the smaller white flesh vegetable is a turnip,” another added.

Whatever the result, one fan thanked the host for brightening up her day.

“B****y love you @EamonnHolmes you never fail to make me smile even on the toughest of day,” the message read.

source: express.co.uk

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