Her colleague Ranvir was quick to agree and proclaimed that her partner Giovanni is super strict.

As a picture of the pair from Saturday’s launch show flashed on the screen, the TV presenter exclaimed: “Don’t be fooled by his angelic face!

“He is a fiery Italian, super strict – I am a bit scared of him.

She added: “I do need a bit of discipline, but my goodness!”

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Kate also teased Ranvir about being distracted by Giovanni, as she pointed out her pet dog Shimizzels got tangled in his lead when they first met.

The dog was made to walk backwards while Ranvir wrapped her arms around the dance partner as they strolled together in a video clip.

As the footage was replayed, Kate laughed: “It seems you were rather taken with Giovanni, and actually poor Shmizzels your dog couldn’t keep up with you!”

However, Ranvir made it up to her pet by spoiling him with his favourite cheese.

She said: “Shmizzels is a lockdown dog, we bought him in June so the only person he’s seen me hug is my son.

“Obviously, the reason I can hug Giovanni is he’s now in my bubble, but Shmizzels went crazy. He did not know what was happening.

“He was like, ‘Why is my mummy hugging this person?’ He was really protective, nipping at his fingers, a really strange reaction.”

During Saturday’s broadcast of Strictly, Ranvir was seen learning who her new dance partner would be.

source: express.co.uk


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