Freddie Thorne (played by Iddo Goldberg) played a key role in Peaky Blinders’ first season and fathered Tommy Shelby’s (Cillian Murphy) nephew Karl. Tommy’s sister Ada Thorne’s (Sophie Rundle) relationship with the communist was frowned upon but the couple ignored the Shelby clan and got married anyway. Ada moved to London at the start of series two after Freddie’s death off-screen but could the communist have faked his own death and return to Birmingham to help Tommy bring down Oswald Moseley (Sam Clafin)?

One Peaky Blinders fan is convinced Freddie’s return has already been predicted.

Reddit user imbored102 shared their thoughts on Freddie’s fate being linked to Tommy’s failed assassination plan in a lengthy post. 

They wrote: “Started rewatching Peaky Blinders for the sixth time and started wondering, is Freddie Thorne really dead?

“Freddie Thorne tells Ada, ‘One day, me and Tommy will be on the same side again.’”

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“We have seen fake deaths such as Alfie’s and Arthur’s so could they do it again?”

At the start of season two, Ada returned to London following Freddie’s death from “pestilence”.

In season five, Ada began a romance with Ben Younger (Kingsley Ben-Adir) but he tragically died before she could tell him she was pregnant with his child.

Ben’s death could pave the way for Freddie’s return as he decides it’s time to help Ada raise Karl and her second child together. 

Peaky Blinders fans watched Tommy and Ada attend his funeral but it’s possible the communist faked his own death. 

Freddie was arrested several times in season one and he may have taken drastic measures to ensure he secured his freedom. 

However, if Freddie learned of Tommy’s assassination attempt against Oswald, he could return to Birmingham to help Tommy take down the fascist. 

Peaky Blinders season 1-5 are available to stream on Netflix now. 



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