A Wine Dispenser for Your Counter

The Boxxle provides a more elegant option than a cardboard box for dispensing wine in bulk, much like decanting that grocery store container of milk into a pitcher. The sleek unit, sheathed in stainless steel, comes empty, with plastic bags that you can insert and fill with three liters (four standard bottles) of wine. As with wine in a box, the bag collapses as the liquid is drawn off, keeping the oxygen out and maintaining the quality of the wine for weeks, even months. (You can even transfer the bag from boxed wine directly into the Boxxle.) The tap is conveniently placed at the top, so there’s room for a glass underneath when the appliance sits on a counter. It’s easy to set up. Refrigerating it requires more than 12 inches of clearance, but a version holding five liters with a chilling feature is in the works.

Boxxle, $99; replacement bags, $9.99 for three; boxxle.com.

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source: nytimes.com