He Who Must Not Be Named has some villainous competition out there, according to the dark wizard’s former cohort Draco Malfoy Tom Felton.

Yes, giving Lord Voldemort a run for his, er, Galleons is none other than A Babysitters Guide to Monster Hunting‘s Grand Guignol, also known as the boogeyman and Felton’s latest character. 

“The sultan of suffering, the master of menace, the kneader of nightmares…He is quite a scary character,” Felton exclusively told E! News. “He is creeping out of closets and he is waiting to pounce. Voldemort is a bit more obvious. You can’t miss it, can you really? But he’s also probably a lot worse to interact with.”

Despite the Grand Guignol’s nightmarish motives, Netflix’s boogeyman clearly has more fun causing evil than Lord Voldemort ever did. “He is having a ball, he loves this,” the Harry Potter alum explained. “He absolutely revels in the chance to bring some nightmares to life. Unfortunately, it doesn’t all go to plan.”

source: eonline.com


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