More than a few people probably thought that after the closure of Fantasy Flight Interactive earlier this year their sole release—The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game—was dead in the water. Not so. Publisher Asmodee Digital announced earlier this year that the digital mercenaries over at Antihero Studios would be taking over, and according to fans Antihero has been pretty communicative ever since. This week is the first major update to the game since last fall. 

Antihero’s first update adds big quality of life changes, such as a mid-mission restart mechanic and a fully-functional offline play mode. Offline play has been a feature requested by the community since before the original game launched. They’ve also reworked the game’s menu UI to better suit the future direction of development. They plan to release further UI updates, a new Adventure mode, and a new free adventure pack called “The Fords of Isen” by early 2021.  



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