Technology has transformed people’s lives long before the industrial revolution. From the first tools 3.3 million years ago to the invention of fire, a mere one million years past, our species’ ability to harness our intellect is a recurring theme.

Today’s crop of children will live in a world almost unrecognisable to us, due to ever-accelerating computing power.

And as a result, they are a generation whose way of working will include new and exciting landscape – many off which are beyond our wildest dreams.

The job sector will be at the forefront of many of these changes, which will evolve at an astonishing rate to support breakthroughs across industries. presents a collection predicting some of the most exciting job role positions, revealing the incredible careers future generations can expect to encounter.

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From space tourism guides to Artificial Intelligence (AI) business managers, it is clear these are not the type of jobs people can expect to see advertised any time soon.

However, various industry experts believe these really are the roles you can expect to see – even within your lifetime.

It is an open secret numerous current roles across industries are at risk of becoming automated and taken by cutting-edge robots.

However, many of today’s jobs will not simply disappear, and although job hunting during a global pandemic presents a serious challenge, many exciting opportunities await for the next generation.

Laura Giddings, STEM Education Manager for Northern Europe at RS Components, thinks awareness of what awaits is vital in gaining a real advantage.

She told “The children, students and young people of today are a generation working towards an exciting landscape of jobs of which many of us could have only dreamed of when we were young – as many of these jobs don’t even exist yet.

“From Self-driving Car Managers and Climate Change Reversal Specialists to Space Junk Recyclers, these are the type of jobs and careers we should expect to see very soon – and what an impact on the world we’re expecting these roles to make.

“But, we need to make sure that the new generations know that these jobs could be open to them and are careers they could potentially pursue – and it’s on educators, businesses and industry experts to increase awareness.

“For example, by supporting teachers in creating more engaging lesson plans around Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) subject – which is something RS Components provide – students will feel more aware, encouraged, and positive towards pursuing careers and further education in STEM subjects.

“We’re excited to see the roles that will be available to the coming generations, working to turn the autonomous and technological advancements that are being created into a reality, as well as see how current recognisable jobs will be adapted and refined in the future too.”



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