Melania Trump, 50, married Donald Trump in 2005 and has been in the limelight ever since. After becoming First Lady, her confidence has seemed to grow with her attending events on her own and working for charities without her husband by her side. Speaking to, body language expert Judi James shared how Melania’s body language shows her confidence has increased since she entered the White House.

Melania was a model before she met her husband and whilst she was used to the limelight to a certain extent, nothing could prepare her for being the First Lady.

The First Lady has become a talking point for millions around the world, whether that be for her fashion, her relationship with step-daughter Ivanka or her relationship with Donald himself. 

The pair are often seen at events together but recently, Melania has spoken on her own on several occasions. 

Looking at photos of both Melania on her own and pictures of the married couple. Judi James explained how the First Lady’s body language suggests she is very confident in her role. 

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Judi added: “Most recently though, Melania has opted for power-dressed business suits with a military styling that suggest she means business. She wears this look well as a stand-alone too, happy to walk in front of the cameras oozing assertive confidence.

“Melania has appeared sporting this look alongside her husband, often giving the impression of more of a power-share as she stands to attention like Trump, but when the pair walk together Trump’s trait of spontaneous body language displays can make her appear to struggle at times.”

The First Lady has been seen beside her husband a lot in the past few weeks campaigning for the election which is due to take place next month. 

Judi continued: ”Stepping down from the aeroplane beside her husband here Melania seems to battle with the wind and her props, holding her bag in the hand closest to her husband, possibly in a bid to keep her arrival as elegant as possible and to not be put off her stride by any sudden attempts to hand-hold.”

“In this pose with Melania he seems to adopt a similar hand-clutch as he performed with Teresa May when she visited him at the White House.”

This may suggest that their relationship isn’t affectionate and is only put on for the cameras.

However, the body language expert said: “It looks affectionate but on both occasions it looks primarily about Trump grabbing someone’s hand as he navigates some steps. 

Donald and Melania never used to show public displays of affection which Judi says may explain why Melania seems more confident when she is on her own.

Judi said: “Trump’s spontaneity and his lack of habits when it comes to touch rituals might be the reason why Melania tends to look more confident when she takes on the cameras by herself.”



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