Victoria Wood secretly fought cancer after she was diagnosed with the disease four years before she tragically died from it. A new biography about the comedian, entitled Let’s Do It, reveals that she was forced to quit directing BBC’s Loving Miss Hatto due to her health in December 2012.

She then endured a year of radiotherapy, chemotherapy and operations on a malignant lymph node.

The book, which was published yesterday, documents Victoria’s adamance to keep the cancer hidden from everyone apart from close friends and family members.

The star, who lost her cancer battle in 2016, delayed one procedure to fulfil her commitment to compère the London Jazz Festival.

She also recorded a voiceover for ITV series The Talent Show Story during her period of ill health.

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Victoria, who was 58 at the time, brought her daughter Grace to the Comedy Awards at the time and said: “I don’t want rumours spreading that I’m at death’s door.”

She opened up about her diagnosis to more friends during the Christmas period.

One of her friends was surprised to hear the sad news, as she expected Victoria wanted to tell her she had met a new man following her divorce in 2002.

She replied to the suggestion: “I’ve got something… but it’s not a man.”


In spite of her attempts to reassure her children about her diagnosis, her daughter believed the news was tough for Victoria to deal with.

She said: “She shared what she had to but, given the choice, I think she’d have shared none of it.”

Victoria also made the decision to attend hospital appointments alone.

She divulged to TV writer Peter Bowker: “I can’t be bothered to put a good face on it and be jolly.”



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