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These are real reviews about Roku Express HD Streaming Media Player 2019 from customers who has bought this product that share their experiences so you can make the best buying decision.

Works amazing for what I need it for. Clear picture and very easy for me to use.
Bought to use with my 2015 Samsung smart tv. Sooo easy to install and use. Cant believe theres comments distracting people from a way to end cable bills.
The picture on my tv is even better now and I ditched Spectrums high bills and my little girl still gets all her cartoons. All you need Wi-Fi.
Have Wi-Fi and youre sick of paying cable why dont you get a Roku its the best thing for you you can get free channels you get free TV its awesome number one recommended fire stick is worse I dont like the fire stick I recommend the Roku stick number one top no complaints no problems easy to set up easy to learn anybody can do it even a 99 year old woman did it anybody can do it
I have been using Hulu for several months but it kept my laptop tied up. I decided to try this as an alternative to buying another computer. I was totally shocked at the difference in picture quality and over all dependency of Hulu over the ROKU network.
I was, also, surprised to realize Roku provided a number of shows and movies free of any additional charges. Yes, there are movies and shows you can rent but these are totally free.
I highly recommend this to any one considering this option.
Fue equipment is very easy to use. A roku account is neccesary but the payment method is not neccesary to includ. I can see my netflix en HBO GO accounts
The picture of the remote when I ordered it has a shortcut button for Disney+, which my family has (and uses very often) because we have 2 small children.
This helped to make the decision to get this product, because it would be easy for my 5 year old to use. The remote that we received has a shortcut for ESPN+, which is something that we neither need or want.
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