Piers Morgan recalls ‘horrific’ moment with wife: 'Our wedded serenity was threatened'

Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan, 55, wasn’t in his wife Celia’s best books the other week after he left her alone with his extremely early wake-up alarms. In fact, he likened her reaction to that of his Killer Women interviewees, which can only mean it was very, very bad.

In his latest Daily Mail column, the ITV stalwart recalled the “horrific” feeling he had when he’d realised his mistake.

“It was only while I sat in GMB’s make-up room at 6.15am that a horrific thought suddenly hit me: I hadn’t heard either alarm go off, and they definitely hadn’t turned themselves off,” he wrote, as he explained he had two phones to make sure his “creaking carcass” gets out of bed on time.

“They’re both on escalating volume, so when they detonate I race to switch them off fast enough not to wake Celia,” he said.

Only this time he wasn’t so lucky.

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“This system usually works well, but today I woke at 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I got up to watch TV – taking a phone with me.

“Later, I had a leisurely shower, leaving the phone temporarily on the stairs, out of sight and hearing, and then left the house at 5.15am.”

And the rest was history.

He added: “When I saw Celia again at 9.15am she looked like one of my Killer Women interviewees – vacant-eyed and murderous.”

But these early getups might be no more (much to Celia’s relief) as Piers addressed his future as the face of the ITV show.

The controversial presenter revealed earlier this year that he had signed a contract “until the end of next year”, but in a candid conversation with radio DJ Chris Evans, her might be trading in the cameras and bright lights of the TV studio for the airwaves.

The 55-year-old spoke about his new book Wake Up, before the conversation shifted to his future on the GMB due to the current “environment”.

“I had far more interaction with the British public than I had with Americans – I actually enjoy the morning show [GMB] more than I ever enjoyed CNN or America’s Got Talent but for that reason,” Piers explained, referring back to his previous broadcasting roles.

He opened up about his previous years on American television and revealed that he missed the interaction with his family and the British public, because they couldn’t watch those programmes.

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Chris asked: “You might be there [GMB] for awhile then, by the sounds of it?”

Piers replied: “I’m definitely there until the end of next year. I’ve got a contract until the end of 2021.

“But who the hell knows in this environment what’s going to happen after that?”

The Virgin Radio host cheekily attempted to poach the ITV presenter as he urged him to join his radio station.

“I know you’ve had the conversation that they would love you here at Times radio?” Chris grinned.

The GMB host chuckled: “Everyone would love me,” as Chris agreed: “I think you’d be really good on it Piers.

“On radio?” Piers quizzed, before adding: “Well, I’ve watched you and you’re a very, very good template of somebody who was brilliant on television.”

“And then you took a view to go on the radio and then mastered it. Because you’re a master of talk actually.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

source: express.co.uk