You may hear this from many people that it is not good to root mobiles. It is partially true because if you don’t know anything about rooting, it can damage your device. But you have full knowledge about rooting, and you can push the limits of your smartphone. You can become the real controller of your device.

If you want to know the answer to the question like why should I root my smartphone and others, read further to learn its details.

  1. Get rid of Pesky bloatware:

When you root your device, you can access administrator privileges and fully control the installed applications. So, you don’t have to use those sloppy and cluttered app drawers that use a lot of memory.

You can get rid of them and reduce the memory usage by the pre-installed carrier and manufacturer applications. If you root your smartphone, you can easily cut the bloatware and keep the app you use. You can disable unwanted apps from the settings, and also, if you want to hide those apps, there is an option of hiding apps.

  1. Take Real backup: 

It is the most significant benefit of rooting your android smartphone. Now you will have more and improved backup and restore options. Cloud can take backups up to some extents; you can’t rely on the cloud. You can also modify those backups when you download them.

But if you root your smartphone, you will have a great variety of options like install back up, modify backup, copy backup, and many more. For safety purpose, these backup options are more advanced than the regular backup. You can also change these backups and uninstall unwanted things from the backup.

  1. You don’t have to wait till the manufactures’ or carriers’ updates: 

It is another excellent benefit of rooting that you can update your device to different versions of androids. You don’t have to wait for manufactures’ updates. You can even downgrade also.

For example, if you find that Android 7 is more user-friendly than Android 8 and your device is running on android 8, you can install android 7 in your device, which is not possible if you have an unrooted device.

There are many bugs and errors in the new updates, but if you don’t want to install those modern updates, you can directly install the latest version of android on your smartphone.

  1. Overclocking and Underclocking: 

Do you know why your mobile is slow? It is because the unrooted mobiles cannot overclock. But if you choose to root your device, you can not only overclock but also underclock your device. It is incredible benefits.

This feature will help you if you love to play android games on mobile. If you want to reduce battery usage, you can underclock your device and use your mobile for longer hours. You can also visit the vape shop online, even though the website is blocked in your region.


There are the main benefits of rooting your smartphone. You can also install various apps to enhance the working of your mobile after root. Hopefully, from this article, you knew about the benefits of rooting your smartphone. Comment below if you have any questions.


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