Mercury is in its last retrograde of 2020.

Tonight, Oct. 13 marks the last Mercury retrograde of this year and is expected to end on, wait for it, Tuesday, November 3. This means Election Day is the last day of Mercury in retrograde.

So, what exactly is Mercury in retrograde? We asked mystic and tarot card reader Angie Banicki, whose clients include Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Roberts and more notable names, this very question.

In simple terms, when observing the planet from Earth, it appears to move in a reverse direction. However, for believers in astrology, this phenomenon—which occurs three to four times a calendar year—is more than an optical illusion.

Namely, as Mercury is believed to be the ruling planet of communication, everything from technology to mail to travel to relationships may be affected during this time.

She explained, “I always think of…review, revaluate. Like, there’s a big thing with Mercury in retrograde with relationships, where people who have really been on the fence or struggling with things…either this revaluation will bring people into finally getting engaged or…brings it to this revaluation to be like, ‘This can’t be my life.'”



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