Donald Trump warning: US President 'walking a fine line' regarding respect for coronavirus

John Hanley told BBC Breakfast’s Louise Minchin that US President Donald Trump is clearly glad to be back following his recovery from the coronavirus. However, Mr Hanley added that Joe Biden’s different approach to the pandemic has resulted in the Democrat nominee being around 10 points ahead of President Trump in the polls.

Mr Hardy said: “The message to his core supporters and Trump leaning voters is that he is back.

“He clearly is enjoying himself being back.”

Ms Minchin asked: “What about Joe Biden? His style is quite a contrast, particularly now isn’t it?”

Mr Hardy replied: “I think it has been difficult for Trump to find the right line between being optimistic, being positive on what his administration is doing and showing the proper respect for the virus and the pandemic.

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“I think Joe Biden has shown a different way and the polls have resulted in his favour as a result.

“He is about 10 points up in most of the averages which is about 3 points higher than Hilary Clinton was at this time last year.”   

On Saturday, hundreds of Donald Trump supporters gathered on the White House lawn and chanted “we love you” as the US President spoke from the balcony.

President Trump told the crowd “I love you, too” and stated that they are way ahead of many people in the United States. 

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The supporters chanted: “We love you. We love you.”

The US President said: “Thank you, I love you too.”

During the weekend White House physician Sean Conley provided an update on the US President’s health.

He said in a statement: “Now at day 10 from symptom onset, fever-free for well over 24 hours and all symptoms improved, the assortment of advanced diagnostic tests obtained reveal there is no longer evidence of actively replicating virus.”