Jennie McAlpine, 36, is known for playing Fiz Brown on ITV’s Coronation Street. She has been through a weight loss transformation and spoken up on her diet plan.

But Jennie explained simply using common sense helped her get into shape.

She said most people know what foods are good and bad for them and they should follow their instincts.

“I don’t go in for all the diet plans and worrying yourself silly over how much you weigh,” she told the Mirror.

“Ice cream is bad, salad is good – it’s not rocket science.


“If you eat more of the good stuff and take more exercise then you’ll lose weight.”

By eating healthy foods, Jennie reportedly dropped an impressive three dress sizes.

She also explained the simple approach to her health helped her stop worrying about her diet.

“It’s really not worth beating yourself up over it,” Jennie continued.

“A balanced diet supplies the nutrients your body needs to work effectively,” experts at explained.

“Without balanced nutrition, your body is more prone to disease, infection, fatigue, and low performance.

“To maintain good health, limit your consumption of empty calories and instead try to get your calories from foods that are rich in other nutrients.”

Swapping unhealthy foods for more nutrient dense options can help dieters shape up. 



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