Viewers are keen to find out more about Stause’s boyfriends before Hartley. In particular, fans are intrigued about who she was dating when she was 25-years-old.

The star is now 39 and her birthday is believed to be on July 21, 1981. So the year would have been 2006 when the star was 25.

During this year, the actress was engaged to Matthew Morrison, who is best known for his role as Will Schuester in Glee.

Less than a year after the couple got engaged, Morrison supposedly called off the wedding having felt under pressure to propose.

The Glee actor had told Cosmopolitan: “When I was 27, I proposed to my then-girlfriend, but I didn’t do it for the right reasons.

“We’d been going out for a year or so and I felt under pressure from society. I was thinking, ‘This is the age when I should probably start having kids so this is what I should do…’.



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