Roadkill is a new political thriller series which is due to arrive on BBC One on October 18. The limited series was created by David Hare and it follows the crumbling life of politician Peter Laurence, and he has plenty of enemies who would love to see him fall. has everything you need to know about how many episodes are in Roadkill.

How many episodes are in Roadkill?

Roadkill is a highly anticipated political thriller series which was filmed in London back in 2019, and it follows a charismatic politician who is trying to keep his personal and professional life in check.

At the start of October 2020 the BBC released a first look image of actor Laurie as Peter Laurence, and fans are excited to see him in his new role.

The series stars The Last Kingdom actress Millie Brady as Peter’s daughter Lily Laurence, award-winning actress Helen McCrory as Dawn Ellison and Cobra actor Danny Ashok as Luke Strand.

Sarah Greene, who is known for her roles in Normal People and Dublin Murders, takes on the role of Charmian Pepper.

Each episode in the series will be an hour long, so there is plenty of opportunities for the drama to unfold.

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This miniseries will be made up of four episodes, and they will be airing weekly on BBC One at 9pm.

Each episode will air on a Sunday night, with the second episode airing on October 25 and the third on November 4.

The season finale will air on November 11, so fans may be disappointed to hear this will be a short series.

A synopsis for episode one says: “Peter Laurence is a charismatic government minister on the verge of promotion to high office. He is also celebrating a win in a newspaper libel case. But an inmate at a women’s prison claims to have a secret about Peter’s past that could affect his future.”

A trailer has been released and it shows Peter Laurence having to answer for a number of scandals he is involved in.

Fans who have watched the trailer are already keen to see what Laurie and the rest of the cast bring to the series.

One said on YouTube: “I love anything with Hugh Laurie. He is such a great actor.” Another fan said: “I’ve been looking forward to seeing this for over a year! HL is such a charismatic screen presence!”

Actress Brady, who is known for her role as Aethelflaed in The Last Kingdom on Netflix, posted the trailer on her Instagram account.

She said: “The trailer for Roadkill is out and I couldn’t be more excited for this one. Holds a special lil place in my heart. Coming to BBC1 in October #Repost @bbc.”

Actor Laurie is best known for his role as the titular character in the series House, for which he won two Golden Globe Awards.

He is also known for his role in The Night Manager, plus he is a well-known singer who has released a number of albums.

The busy actor has already taken on another main role in the series Avenue 5 this year, and he played a main character in the series Catch-22.

Fans can tune in to BBC One each week to see Laurie in his latest role, and they can catch up with the series on BBC iPlayer after each episode has aired.

Speaking about his role as Peter Laurence, Laurie said: “When we first join Peter Laurence he has just escaped the jaws of failure at the very least.

“He has taken the unusual step of suing a newspaper in a libel case, which is generally speaking something that politicians don’t do, or are not advised to do, and certainly the political establishment do not approve of them doing it. He’s a confident fellow and is confident in his ability to talk himself out of a jam.”

Roadkill starts on BBC One on October 18



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