UFO hunters were sent into a frenzy when they spotted what they believe to be an alien city spanning more than 100 kilometres on the edge of a crater on the Moon. Images from Google Moon Map revealed “finger-like structures” sitting in a crater on the lunar surface.

According to conspiracy theorists, this is hard evidence that an advanced race of aliens occupy the Moon.

The claim was made by self-proclaimed UFO expert, who added that NASA knows of the aliens.

Mr Waring believes the space agency will not tell the public about the existence of extraterrestrials on the Moon in an attempt to avoid widespread panic.

Writing on his blog UFO Sightings Daily, Mr Waring said his findings were “100 percent” proof of extraterrestrials living in a city on the Moon which spans 118 kilometres across.

The alien hunter said: “I found some highly unusual structures on the Moon.

“The kind that NASA would never report about find for fear the public would learn about the existence of intelligent aliens so close to Earth.

“Near Drygalski crater there is some smaller craters and I found some finger-like structures in two long craters.

“The fingers were close to 7km long according to Google ruler. The length of the structures along the edge of Drygalski crater is 118km across!

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NASA said: “Pareidolia is the psychological phenomenon where people see recognisable shapes in clouds, rock formations, or otherwise unrelated objects or data.

“There are many examples of this phenomenon on Earth and in space.”

However, Mr Waring is convinced that the coronavirus pandemic has proven that humanity has the strength to deal with an alien revelation.

He said: “Much like COVID-19 did to the people in each country as it spread, because the public once believed that such a pandemic would be impossible, and yet, the human race has changed their perspective on that very fast.

“That’s how disclosure of intelligent aliens would be, but it would not kill people or frighten them as much.”

source: express.co.uk


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