Dried flowers are a sustainable option for your home or office since you won’t need to keep replacing them every week or so like regular flowers. You also don’t have to worry about keeping them alive, since they don’t have to be watered. How long do dried flowers last?

We all wish we could have our favourite summer flowers such as hydrangeas and dahlias all year round, but flowers don’t work that way!

Some flowers only bloom at a certain time of year since they are affected by the seasons, the changing weather, and other natural changes.

That’s why you can’t always get your favourite flowers during the winter.

Dried flowers are a great alternative since they last so much longer than fresh flowers, and even longer if they’re dyed.

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Dried flowers are a more environmentally friendly alternative to fresh flowers because they prevent waste.

They also have a low carbon footprint, they’re biodegradable, and you don’t need to waste water keeping them hydrated.

You also save lots of money choosing dried flowers over fresh flowers.

If you buy one bouquet of fresh flowers three times a month, you’re setting yourself back about £100.

They’re also a lovely idea for brides who want to keep their wedding bouquet longer. 

How to care for dried flowers

In order to keep the colour bright, store the flowers inside away from light, water, and wind.

Don’t display the flowers in a room with high humidity such as a bathroom, kitchen, basement or attic.

These flowers will start to flop, turn brown, or even go mouldy.

That’s because excess moisture can cause the glycerin responsible for preserving the flowers to seep out of the flowers and onto surfaces.

Compressed air can be sprayed onto dried flowers to get rid of dust.

Or, you can use a hairdryer on low speed and no heat to clean them.

Alternatively, use a soft feather duster to banish dirt and dust.

Storing them in boxes made of anything but plastic should help.

source: express.co.uk


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