Alex Scott took on the presenting duties of The One Show this evening alongside former footballer Jermaine Jenas. While it’s not unusual for the BBC show to undergo a shake-up to its presenting duo on Friday’s shows, it’s normally the case that Alex Jones presents alongside a new guest presenter. Tonight, the tables were turned as Alex and Jermaine presented the show for the very first time together.

Kicking off Friday’s edition of The One Show, Alex sat on the left-hand side of the screen where the regular presenter normally resides.

“Hello, and welcome to your Friday One Show,” Alex began. “We are live with you for the next half an hour with Jermaine Jenas…”

“And Alex Scott,” Jermaine weighed in, before making a joke about his and Alex’s former careers.

The ex-footballer joked: “No, you’re not watching Match of the Day,”

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“On a serious note,” Jermaine said as he sparked the conversation with his co-host. “I want to talk to you about the whole mental health thing,

“Because I know on one of the very first shows we worked on, Football Focus, you were getting trolled at that particular time on Twitter,

“I mean I was completely unaware that you were in the eye of the storm at that point, and I felt protective, I suppose, of you – but I didn’t get at that time just how tough things were for you.”

Alex opened up: “Yeah, I think what we’ve heard and with everyone speaking out about it now, is I was trying to hide it.”



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