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It seems like just yesterday that I made this video in mid august. it also seems like yesterday that I first played these games all the way back in 2006. To think that was over 10 years ago and the series is long dead. But that is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strage aeons, even vaguely nostalgic nerds will revisit your series and make a video on it… what are we talking about? Well anyways, here’ a video on the anomalously popular flash game series, “Thing Thing”. These are very graphic games as well, so this is not for the feint of heart. Viewer discretion is advised.

The footage and images featured in the video were for critical review, satire and parody, which are protected under the Fair Use laws of the United States Copyright act of 1976. If you want a link to the original content or believe your content is being used not under fair use, send me a direct message.

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  1. Im a fan of the Thing-thing games, and its because the first time I saw the charecters, I was super happy to finally find a game which had an avatar creator and had similar charecters to mine, and when I played some of the games (specially TT arena classic) it started to become my favouritest game of limbless people with guns, but then, after a few of days, I discovered it was kinda similar to Madness Combat, so then I actually was starting to change into that type of series, then, in a few months later, I met the game again and decided to think on something great to search about this type of series, I couldn't find animations tho but I found something that would change my feeling about both games: Madness Combat vs Thing-thing.
    At that point, I was really excited that I found that I could make a Colorless limbless fighting series be fighting with the same thing but with color and same ending to a story, what made me kinda sad from this is that a guy had this idea too and already had started the series, which I guess it died, I then decided to check out the series, but I noticed so many bad things: it wasn't animated, it also combined universes and made them look like if there wasn't anything that would make a war between two series which meant what he actually created was Madness Combat with Thing-thing and not vs. So that meant I was still the one with the first idea, so yeah, basicly I created the idea of Madness Combat vs Thing-thing.
    I then came back to this game in 2019, which then, I turned a fan of, and I was not happy of not being able to play again this game if flash was going to shut down in 2020, and what I need now is to download the .SWF file of the arena series, but what I want is the hacked version of them pls

  2. Awesome review. Flash games are what got me into game development — and this one's one of my favorites
    ALSO there seems to be either an official or spin-off game that came after arena 3/thing thing 4 called thing thing arena pro and classic. They're not as polished as thing thing 4, but the graphics and music have improved.

  3. Hey TGX! Thing-Thing 1 literally is just a demo the weasel created. Thing-Thing was actually originally supposed to be a full game, but he abandoned the concept which explains the bizarre ending and how the all weapons cheat has more weapons than you can get in the actual game. He did bring the concept back in the sequel, but it's not the same game. Also Thing-Thing definitely takes some influence from the first F.E.A.R game, check it out sometime!

  4. Bro, you are hella underratedabd the fact that you discussed Thing Thing, one of my most favorite and probably underrated flash game, it brought me to fucking tears because of how recent this was. It's like some actually cared about the game and wished for more to come. Sadly, we know that won't happen but I just gotta accept that. I hope the person who made Thing Thing is doing great things (no pun intended).


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