Emmy Rossum Slams Troll Who Says She Gets ‘Paid to Get Naked on TV’

Not having it! Emmy Rossum quickly put a troll in their place for criticizing her acting career.

The Shameless alum, 34, tweeted on Wednesday, October 7, about how she “can’t wait” to get a T-shirt inspired by vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris’ “I’m Speaking” moment during the 2020 debate against Vice President Mike Pence. To this, one individual harshly responded: “Yeah your shirts that say I GET PAID TO GET NAKED ON TV are sold out.”

Rossum aptly replied, “I get paid to tell stories and life sometimes involves this awesome thing called sex. Maybe you’ve just never had any so you don’t know.”

Emmy Rossum Slams Troll Saying She Gets Paid to Get Naked on TV
Emmy Rossum Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

The Golden Globe nominee later said that fans of President Donald Trump have frequently attacked her on social media for her body. “When I say something Trump supporters hate, they love to come at me for my body. ‘Shut up and go back to being naked,’” she tweeted on Thursday, October 8. “They seem to think I should be ashamed of my female naked body.”

Rossum added, “I don’t feel shame. I love my body. That must be intimidating for them. I’m not sorry.”

Rossum was often nude onscreen while playing Fiona Gallagher across Shameless’ 10-season run. In 2012, she spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about how her initial contract specified how naked she would have to be while filming the show.

“Originally, when they made the contract it was like, ‘You will show partial side boob, you will show two cheeks,” she explained at the time. “When I got on set — I’d never done nudity before — I was like, ‘Oh, everyone here is human.’ Some days you feel like, ‘Oh, God. I wish we were shooting this last week, I felt so skinny.’”

The Phantom of the Opera star said she thought the nudity “suited the character” that she was playing, adding: “This is a very low-income family, they have very thin walls, they don’t have any money for entertainment, and this girl likes to have sex. For me to glamify her would not be realistic. I have a lot of control over what I want to show, when I want to show it and when I don’t want to show it.”

Rossum made headlines in 2016 after successfully fighting against pay disparity on Shameless, which is something that her costar William H. Macy even supported her through. In her argument, she cited her character’s increased screen time and the longer hours she spent on set.

Nearly two years later, the Day After Tomorrow actress announced her departure from the show via Facebook after nine seasons. Rossum’s statement noted how “layered and dynamic” her character was as she called Fiona “a mother lion, fierce, flawed and sexually liberated.” She also said that getting the chance to play Fiona was “a gift.”

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