Rick Astley, 54, breaks silence on growing 'sick' of pop career: 'It didn't seem worth it'

Rick added how he is often in disbelief with what he has achieved after returning to music.

He said: “If someone would have said that to me over drink sort of a year before I would have gone, ‘What is in your drink? What the hell are you talking about?’ So, it’s been pretty bonkers.”

However, the star said he realised what “fame” meant after joining Take That on their Greatest Hits tour in 2019.

“But then again, you go out with Take That on tour, and then you realise, okay, that’s what fame is,” he added.

“There are levels and that’s why I’m pretty comfortable with my level. I think I really enjoy it. We get to do some great things. We get to do some great travelling, but it doesn’t completely take over my life. I’m happy with the way it is.”

source: express.co.uk

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