Amanda Holden defies backlash in leggy display after last week's 'wardrobe malfunction'

While the semi-final took place on our TV screens last week, many BGT viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts over Amanda’s outfit.

One shared: “Just me, or does Amanda’s dress make it look like her nipples are out? #bgt @BGT.”

A second agreed and asked: “Are we not going to address the fact that Amanda’s nipples are out for all to see #BGT #amandaholden #nipplegate.”

However, many of Amanda’s loyal followers weighed in to defend her online.

One fan penned: “Whoever is complaining about seeing Amanda Holden’s nip on TV needs to have a serious word with themselves #BGT.”

Another social media user said: “I’m sorry but not people getting pressed about Amanda Holden’s dress, like get a f*****g life you losers #bgt.”