Coleen Nolan: Loose Women star opens up after doctor's visit 'It doesn't look good for me'

Loose Women presenter Coleen Nolan, 55, has admitted her doctors are taking the risk of her being diagnosed with breast cancer “very seriously”. As a result, the television personality is considering having an elective double mastectomy due to her sisters’ devastating cancer diagnoses. 

The Nolans singer opened up about her health concerns after visiting her GP and a specialist to discuss having the operation.

Coleen explained when quizzed on if she has been told what the odds are of her being diagnosed with the disease: “My specialist and my GP are taking this very seriously so that tells me that the odds are high.

“It doesn’t look good for me.

“My breasts are absolutely not worth dying for so I’ve no problem with getting rid of them.”

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However, the star revealed she is worried about the long recovery process and the pain the operation could cause for her.

Coleen added: “It’s the operation, the long recovery and the potential pain that I’m scared of.

“What if I die during the anaesthetic? What if I have my boobs removed and then I get cancer in another part of my body?

“Then the anger will be tenfold,” she admitted to OK! Magazine.

A few days later, the star also discovered that her sibling Linda’s breast cancer, which had metastasised to her hip and pelvis in 2017, had spread to her liver.

Coleen also lost her sister Bernie, who was the lead singer of their group The Nolans, to the disease in 2013.

The star previously reflected on her “shock” when she learnt about Anne and Linda’s diagnoses.

She told The Mirror last month: “I was still in bits after hearing that Anne had cancer when Linda called a few days later to tell me about her diagnosis and I was so shocked I couldn’t even cry. 

“I just felt incredible anger – ‘Cancer can f**** off’ is what I thought.

“It was heartbreaking and felt so unfair, and I wanted to jump in my car immediately and drive to Blackpool to give them both a hug, but I couldn’t because we were in full lockdown and they were shielding. I felt totally helpless.”

Anne is currently doing well and there’s no trace of the lump she had before, but she still faces surgery and possibly radiotherapy.

Meanwhile, Linda recently completed her chemotherapy treatment and is facing her illness “magnificently”, according to Coleen.