Sweden to ease COVID restrictions on public gatherings in some cases

FILE PHOTO: A sign promoting social distancing is pictured in the Gallerian shopping center, as the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues, in Stockholm, Sweden, May 12, 2020. TT News Agency/Henrik Montgomery via REUTERS

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – Sweden will keep its rule that a maximum of 50 people can meet in public, but plans to introduce exceptions to the rule for restaurants and events where spectators can be seated and not pass on the coronavirus, the government said on Tuesday.

“The limit for 50 participants remains as a general rule, but there will be exceptions,” Home Affairs Minister Mikael Damberg told reporters.

The exception for restaurants will be implemented on October 8. The government said it planned to allow up to 500 people to watch events such as football matches, concerts and theatre performances where spectators could be seated at least 1 meter apart. Damberg said that could happen as soon as Oct. 15, but the decision has yet to be formally taken.

Reporting by Simon Johnson an Johan Ahlander

source: reuters.com