Preordering a PS5 or Xbox Series X is a Fiasco: Here's How to Fix It

masterfox23h ago

Didn’t want to comment on this topic about preordering consoles or preorder in general, but it really surprise me why in hell is so much fuzz about this?, it seems like lots of people are either new to preorder items or just simply just forgot how preorder goes for hot items in general, believe it or not all this preorder craziness on wanted items have been always been like this since ever, hell be thankful that is not like the old days when you actually got to be in line doing camping days outside the store prior of the preorder, I know is annoying when you don’t get a preorder after so much trying, staying wake for so many hours to the end don’t get nothing, it really makes you go crazy some times lol, but in the end that’s how it is, is not to blame the company in the contrary we need to be grateful they are able to pull so many units outhere even with a freaking world pandemic going around. The issue I see here is that, I think alot of people think they are entitled 100% to have a Preorder and when they don’t have it the way they wanted, well then they go on rampage mode against the company, seriously that’s very sad imo if true, just chill out a bit and wait for release date and don’t go with fire axes to street because you didn’t get a PO, just kidding lol.