Xbox Series X hands-on shows off impressive Quick Resume – Video

The x-box series x here with me.
I’ve been playing it for about three days.
I have got opinions on the controller.
On the box itself.
And what I’m going to do is, I’m gonna talk to my good friend Michael [UNKNOWN] over at Game Spot.
He has the series x as well.
We been both testing it at the same time.
We’re going to have a conversation.
Pretty much go over everything we’re allowed to talk about.
The thing I want to talk about real quick, is quick resume is a feature that was talked about from the almost start of this console sort of lifeline.
And I gotta say I kind of slipped on that a little bit.
Now having played a bunch of games using quick resume for me right now, this is the sort of game changing feature of series x.
So I have a ton of thoughts about The box itself, the controller, we’re going to get to all that with Michael from GameSpot, please go check out all of game spots coverage during this, preview period.
There’s so much to learn and to discuss.
So why not talk to my buddy, Michael?
Let’s get him on the line right now.
What’s going on, Michael?
How are you?
I’m doing all right, I’m really excited, cuz we got our hands on some dope stuff.
We do, Michael and I have been playing around with an Xbox Series X, and I’ve got mine right here.
Because I’ve been sharing a bed with it-
Just to really get the full experience of what it’s like.
In the next generation of video games.
Alright, there’s only a certain amount of things we’re allowed to discuss out of the gate, right?
This first sort of chapter of the preview that we’re experiencing, a lot of that is the backwards compatibility.
So, what are you playing?
What has your basic back compat experience been like?
So, I’ve been playing mainly six different games mainly Final Fantasy 15 the outer worlds not wild, the outer worlds Yakuza zero already in the will of the wisps and blood stain ritual of the night.
Right now it’s all Xbox One games, nothing seriesX specific so far.
Great, so that’s important to point out.
We don’t have access to Series X games just yet.
I even went back to do a couple 360 games to see just how far back I could go.
I need everyone to know, I’ve played Cameo on Xbox Series X and you didn’t so you’re probably really jealous because I was able.
Do that.
I also played Red Dead Redemption II, I played Control, and I couldn’t get DOOM II to work, that wasn’t working.
So yeah, I mean, I guess I want to know your general sort of experience with all that like, how has it Have you noticed any sort of tangible difference bump in quality, anything like that?
Yeah, I think I wanna point to one specific example is Final Fantasy XV.
I know that cuz I was actually playing side by side with the Xbox One X. And I did notice a lot more consistency and performance.
I noticed that on the One X that are frame jobs, I would feel it’s about 45, 50,40 frames per second.
That’s on the One X when I play on the series x Consistent 60 across the board, no frame drops.
But to back it up a little bit.
That is one case in where there is a tangible benefit even without series x specific enhancements, that’s just because the hardware is a lot better than it can handle that sort of thing.
But these are currently case by case basis.
I know that without our worlds, it’s locked at 30.
So if you plan on series x, if plan one x, it’s going to cap at 30.
We were trying to figure out A, do these games will they automatically just sort of like adapt to something like 120 hertz and you and I have actually had the same sort of model LGO Led that has been able to kick up to that.
Seems like nothing that we have right now though.
is able to run at 120 hertz which is sort of sort of a bummer but apparently that might change soon.
So again like this is this is a preview phase.
Not everything is implemented as if it would be on launch day.
So that’s why they keep telling us that it’s these are non final builds
Have the hardware but yeah 120 hertz is coming.
They will let us know when that is implemented and when we can talk about that experience when it comes to performance and benefits that you don’t even have to think about and just experience.
I think it’s time to talk about load times, Jeff.
Let’s do it.
Who a man.
I did a lot of testing yesterday and I’m not gonna lie.
Michael, I was kind of blown away.
Yeah, me too.
What exactly is going on?
I did two games that have sort of notoriously high load times.
The first game control testing it on a Xbox 1X from loading from a save took about a minute and eight seconds.
On the Series X, ten seconds.
So yeah, this is really good.
This is an example of the philosophy architecture that they keep flexing about.
But also just having that NVME SSD, something that high NPCs have been, people with high NPCs have enjoyed for quite some time.
I know I have an NVME SSD on my PC.
So, when I got to this experience with the series X, I was like, yeah, okay, now we’re in business, now we’re caught up to.
Something that the PCs have had for gaming PCs have had for a while.
And I’m, I’m kind of, you know, I think the folks who are going to get into series x kind of excited for them to be able to have that where they, they’re not like sitting around twiddling their thumbs.
No more Doom scrolling on the Twitter timeline while you wait for a game to load.
We absolutely have to talk about.
Quick resume because that this conversation parlays right into it.
It is absolutely something that I, I guess I kind of discounted going into this whole experience.
It’s just one of those things where it’s like, okay, I could suspend games and be fine and go back and forth through it.
But I mean, tell me your experience with it.
I mean, it is unbelievable.
Quick resume is something that not even PCs have.
Right now.
This is a series x exclusive a world premiere.
[LAUGH] Quick resume is really good.
So basically what how this works is that you jump into a game, such as outer worlds.
You press the home button, and then you just go to your games.
Select something else, it’ll suspend the game that you’re currently in, put up the next one.
And then you can do the same with that and go on to a third game, and then do the same thing.
Go on to a fourth game, then do that and go on to a fifth game.
So you have five game states suspended.
Yeah, they just sort of get frozen.
In time.
And, you know, I’m assuming that if you kind of hit the threshold The last chronologically the last game you played that was suspended kind of just gets wiped out.
Had so like, have you done that where it’s like, that game didn’t make the cut.
Yeah, so I think that I went up to about seven games.
So the first one I booted up was Outer Worlds.
And then once I got to the seventh game, I believe that I had downloaded, I tried going back to Outer Worlds and it had to go back to the start screen.
Just be careful of that.
[LAUGH] I don’t think anyone wants to stretch it too far in case they do wanna keep their suspender Real current game state there, but I mean 4 to 6 games at once.
If you’re doing more than that you’re doing a lot relax.
That is good advice I kind of wished maybe the the system and maybe that’s something that’ll come come along down the road where the system says, hey man slim you’re about to lose that state maybe you want to pop back in and And maybe save that.
You know, that would be kind of like a smart thing.
I it seems reasonable to assume they might consider doing something like that.
Yeah, I had I had I had 360 games suspended.
I had, you know, control.
I had a will of the wisps and Red Dead Redemption and just going back and forth all those games.
It was this wild sort of like magic thing.
All right, let’s talk a little bit about the hardware.
And I don’t know, man for me the first thing that I that I kind of noticed the pictures kind of only tell you so much until you get it in your hands and I was, I guess it was a little surprised as to how kinda small it is.
I mean, did you, Feel that way.
I mean, it’s already like yes, it’s big and I don’t know how it’s gonna fit on my shelf, but it’s also smaller than I thought it would be, if that makes sense.
Yeah, it’s not like this monstrous brick.
It does have that brick design, but in terms of like, how much volume it actually takes.
It’s not all that different from other consoles.
It’s just the way it’s shaped and the way the shaping is distributed kind of throws people off.
So yeah, when you stack it by a 1X it’s going to look like this big huge thing.
But it takes out a lot of the length, lengthwise.
Because it’s like a square or rectangular brick, just like a wild estimate is like, think if in your entertainment centre if you can clear like two Xbox One axes.
Stacked on each other, and then you’ll be fine.
The thing is though, is that you definitely want to have space but on both sides of the console of the series x console itself so that top where that green vent is
Also at the bottom, a little bit of clearance at the bottom and in the back because that’s where it pulls
Air small events and stuff.
Just it’s something to think about when you’re trying to think about, like, where to place this thing in your setup.
I don’t think it’s a deal breaker at all.
Now, if you want a series x, you’re gonna get one
You’re gonna figure out what to put in.
Exactly you’ll figure out how to how to place this thing.
But yeah, it’s a very simple design.
Let’s go into the controller a little bit.
What What are you thinking about the controller man?
I really like the grips on the back.
That feels nice.
It’s just feels like I if my hands do get sweaty I’m a sweaty guy, you know if it does.
I know that about me like, I know that
Hey, listen, I’m not gonna be slipping and sliding with my controller.
But yeah, it does have a nice tactile grip.
I do like the feel.
Overall it feels very much close to the regular.
XBOX One controller, so no surprises there.
I do like having the share button, share buttons clutch, I sure will just wanna take screenshots or record video that’s that’s really dope and that actually works on the XBOX One X as well.
So if you connect that controller 201 X for whatever reason, that capture button will work as well.
So yeah, it’s no surprises, like I said, but it’s still a solid controller.
And I think that the main thing for me is that the grips in the back are really dope.
The triggers and the bumpers are I feel like they’re a little bit smoother to actually press down on.
I got to say like I’ve been going back and forth between this and the Elite controller, and I’m still I love that Elite controller.
But there’s something about this new one that it just kind of feels like you’re able to sort of, it feels a tiny bit smaller.
Does that make sense?
Like the data is a bit smaller, right?
Yeah, I think Xbox has said that.
It’s like a fraction smaller.
Not any, like if you put them side by side you probably won’t notice but yeah, I think that getting him in your hands.
Over time, you will kind of feel the old, a little bit more compact.
Another thing too is that eight way D pad.
It’s it’s nice clicky it’s kind of loud a little bit, you know, waking up my roommate flipping through menus.
I was playing will of the Wisp.
With the D pad now it’s it’s it’s it’s definitely obviously not as much I felt like the older one was a little mushier I’m sort of still on the fence about about it.
For me i did, i do sort of just like the plus for the D pad without the The in between sort of directions that’s a preference thing but I think for the most part it’s fine.
Just one thing I wanted to point out the controller I got has kind of like a sticky left trigger.
I get these is like prototype stuff that’s fine, but It just takes a little bit more forced to sort of break past that sticky kind of barrier on this one I have here, but I’ll just chalk that up to preview stuff.
And then USBC men, which we knew but it’s just nice to see right?
So yeah, that’s the full package of what we got with the Xbox series x man.
It’s Obviously, there’s a lot more stuff that I want to dig into and I’m really excited to see series x specific stuff, but we’re gonna have to, we’ll have to wait a little while to get there.
Well, yeah, man.
This has been great.
Thanks for taking the time.
I know.
It’s been a hectic week.
There’s a lot to cover.
Where can we find game spots continuing coverage on the series.
Yeah, you’re going to go to the for all that good stuff.
I’m going to have a full featured article about many of the things we talked about, maybe in some more depth, we also have a low times comparisons.
I know that we talked about it here, but you can see that in action.
You can get the numbers there.
Also, we’re going to have some, Some things on quick resume so you can see how that works in action, articles and videos and you can also check out the video stuff on our YouTube page at GameSpot there, so yeah.
There’s going to be a lot of stuff and also continuing coverage because again, this is a just the first phase of the previews we have.
We’re excited to get the series x stuff in our hands for specifically for the next gen consoles, but When that stuff does come, you know that we’re gonna have it covered.>> I can’t thank you enough man.
This has been a lot of fun.
Miskin to see you guys.
This is the next best thing.
So thanks for doing this.
[LAUGH] Make sure you stay tuned to our coverage and to GameSpot coverage.
Michael just outlined what will be going on.
That’s going to do it for us.
We got more to test out more to play So until next time, thanks so much for watching.
I’ll see you soon.