However, there is another reason all of these body language signs might be there that is not pregnancy.

Judi said: “Possibly because of the presence of David Attenborough beside them, which has thrown a rather sweet spanner in the works in terms of Kate and William’s body language.

“For their children it’s like a visit from Santa times 10. Kate did mention some hero-worship from her children bit it looks from their body language as though all five Cambridge’s are sent soppy-in-awe of the great man here.

“George is so impressed he’s matching his parent’s signals of shyness, except for George it means a lack of eye contact as he keeps his gaze on Attenborough’s shoes here.

“Charlotte is at an age when children are often much less inhibited and is therefore able to express her delight in the classic fan signal of placing the hands at either side of the head to show excitement, while Louis is able to be even less inhibited and more free-range as he wanders about.”



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