Michael Jackson was known for trying to keep his children’s lives private and away from the press. The main way he did this was by covering their faces when they were out in public, which helped gain his youngest child the nickname Blanket. Now, Blanket is an older teenager – but what is he like now?

Prince Michael Jackson II was born on February 21, 2002, making him 18-years-old.

He was born to Michael through an anonymous surrogate, compared to his elder siblings who were born to Michael’s second wife, Debbie Rowe.

When the public first met Blanket, it was during an infamous incident when Michael held the then-four month old baby over the balcony of a hotel in Berlin.

This shocked fans, many of whom thought his actions were not appropriate, however the incident became one of the best known of Michael’s later life, which the singer said was a ‘terrible mistake.’

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Since then, little has been known about the young man, who reportedly started to go by Bigi from 2015 when he was teased for his original nickname.

In 2017, his uncle Tito Jackson said he could be a musician, making him another Jackson child to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Tito said: “Blanket has a good possibility of being a musician, he would be tremendous because he’s a very committed child.”

Prince Jackson, Bigi’s older brother, has since opened up on what the teenager is like now.

Speaking to This Morning’s Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, Prince said of the relationship between his siblings: “We’re very close – that unconventional upbringing only tightened our bond as siblings.

“Siblings are tight no matter what but the way we grew up and interact with each other – there’s an unspoken bond.

“We can almost read each other’s body language and minds… my brother, every time I talk to him I’m impressed with how intelligent he is.

“The way he words his sentences… it’s always about working together and how we can collaborate and push each other up and make each other better.”


Clearly, Bigi is not only a huge talent but also a brainy child, which is seen in his YouTube series where he, with Prince and their cousin Taj, review movies.

However, both Tito and Prince admitted Paris is hot on Bigi’s heels in terms of growing the musical legacy of the Jackson family.

Prince added: “My sister is really focused on her career and her music and I’m so proud of her and all the strides she’s making.”

Tito, also in 2017, said of Paris’ career choices: “She is starting to understand what life is about and has an opportunity to make a difference – something my brother would be very proud of.”

Clearly, despite Paris’ desire to make a name for herself in the world, Bigi is someone who may go from being the most ‘invisible’ of Michael’s children to the most prominent in the public sphere.

source: express.co.uk


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