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Most business is about people. If sales is an important part of your business, you must be relatable to succeed. If the written word is part of your sales method, your success depends on your audience wanting to read what you have to say.

Now you can develop the kind of character-driven personality that jumps off the page (or screen) and turns your reader into a “fan” and a faithful customer for life.

Write with a consistent, charismatic “voice” across all media, including sales copy, web copy, social media posts, blogs, emails, catalogs, direct mail, proposals, ads, flyers and more.

Strike the chord by creating and finding a consistent written-word personality that resonates with your readership, attracts and keeps customers, thereby attracting wealth.

Once you get into the groove of knowing how to rivet your readers to your message, you’ll find you are able to create persuasive, compelling copy more quickly and easily than ever before. Your customers will look forward to receiving your messages and, more importantly, will actively seek them out.

– 2 Power-Packed CD’s
– Includes bound transcripts and presentation materials

All this and more is taught in this concentrated course on creating irresistible personality in your written copy, created by GKIC Founder David Kennedy.

Uncover what your customers (readers) secretly want to hear from you
Learn the Four Steps to Writing Brilliantly; create relatable copy that makes potential buyers feel comfortable, engaged and devoted
Master the Seven Elements to a Successful Personality/Character-Driven Business; develop an irresistible character and charisma that jumps off the page
Make your customers look forward to reading your copy
Build wealth through your words, no matter what your business and no matter what media


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