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These are real reviews about Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1″ (2019, WiFi + Cellular) Full HD Corner-to-Corner Display, 32GB 4G LTE Tablet & Phone (Makes Cal… from customers who has bought this product that share their experiences so you can make the best buying decision.

I got this device and its amazing ( i am not using this device for heavy gaming ) i am able to load basic apps Netflix, Word Excel + Team viewer to remote into a real PC.
also i installed an IPTV service no problems at all ( its amazing cause its LTE so TV all the time no matter where you are )
For what the tablet is, it is a pretty great deal. It can do most anything as long as you know what to expect form the RAM. With the amount of RAM you can really only run about one or two apps and still fluidly change between things.
With too many things running it can take several seconds for the tablet to respond and let you change apps. However, it is great for extra storage. I took it on a road trip with me and it was great to have a few movies downloaded.
The play back was great even though the speakers are a little sub-par. I went for this one specifically because it has the LTE capabilities. With the right sim card you can basically use this as a cell phone (if you really wanted to).
I mostly use it with a data only SIM so I can watch YouTube videos at lunch and maybe even look through the news or emails. The battery life is very good.
I have never really had to worry about it over the course of a week when I use it for the occasional video. I mostly charge it every now and again just to be safe.
I was able to watch two full length movies on a single charge with no issue. As a whole, it serves the same function as most smartphones but with a bigger screen.
This is great for watching movies on the go or streaming things whenever you need a bigger screen to look at. It is not a powerhouse so dont expect a whole lot out of it (at least not being able to run a lot of things all at once).
I would recommend it to anyone who wants a better device for media consumption or as a place for extra storage for videos and the like (as long as you get an extra SD card).
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