The Comey Rule comes weeks before the next Presidential Election and will offer a sobering dramatization of some of the events from the 2016 race.

Comey said: “It’s useful in a time of tremendous polarization and so much bogus information for people to get an accurate portrayal of difficult decisions at a difficult time.”

The show is not a biopic but rather a piece analysing the events of one of the most divisive elections in American history.

Along with performances from Gleeson and Daniels as Trump and Comey respectively, the series boasts a stellar cast.

Oscar winner Holly Hunter takes on the role of Sally Yates, House of Cards’ Michael Kelly is Andrew McCabe, British actress Jennifer Ehle plays Patrice Comey, Narcos’ Scoot McNairy is Rod Rosenstein, and Jonathan Banks of Better Call Saul fame portrays James Clapper.

Further cast members include Oona Chaplin, Amy Seimetz, Ben Kingsley-Adir, Dalmar Abuzeid, Steven Pasquale and Steve Zissis.

The Comey Rules airs on Showtime in the US on September 27 & 28 at 9/8c



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