Although The Bradshaw Bunch gives an inside look into their family dynamic, the ladies playfully teased that there’s a side to Terry that fans may not realize. For starters, Rachel shared that the former football titan has a sensitive side.

“Dad is very, very sensitive,” Rachel explained. “He’s so sweet and he’s this big tough guy, but there’s been times where he’s called me like, ‘Did I do something wrong? My feelings are kind of hurt.'”

Continuing on this point, Rachel noted that Terry “really cares what us girls think.”

We love a burly man in touch with his emotions!

Apparently, like many of us out there, the 72-year-old former quarterback has a fear of heights and the ocean. This gave Erin, Rachel and Lacey a chuckle as Terry’s favorite place is water-locked Hawaii.

Erin quipped, “He will not get anywhere near the ocean.”



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