The fourth season will be made up of 11 episodes, with the first two episodes arriving on September 27.

The remaining episodes will then air weekly, with the season finale airing on November 29, so this is not a series for binge-watching.

Production had been completed on eight of the episodes before work on the series ground to a halt.

The 11 episodes have been given their own title, which are as follows:

Episode 1 – Welcome to the Alternate Economy

Episode 2 – The Land of Taking and Killing

Episode 3 – Raddoppiarlo

Episode 4 – The Pretend War

Episode 5 – The Birthplace of Civilisation

Episode 6 – Camp Elegance

Episode 7 – Lay Away

Episode 8 – The Nadir

Episode 9 – East/West

Episode 10 – Happy

Episode 11 – Storia Americana

By the time the fourth season has finished airing, the whole series would have run a total of 41 episodes.



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