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These are real reviews about (2-Pack) Privacy Screen Protector for 2019 iPhone 11 Pro/iPhone X/XS (Full-Coverage),Elecshion True 28° (Case Friendly) An… from customers who has bought this product that share their experiences so you can make the best buying decision.

I am impressed with the quality & clarity of this product, it doesn’t t affect the screen visibility much. This screen protector does an amazing job keeping everything private from the sides,l. Great value for two protectors.-Nando Monroe
It’s so easy to install especially with the frame in the box to make sure it’s placed correctly. And it has life time warranty to replace it if it breaks!
Comes with everything individually wrapped and easy to put on!! Now the wife cant see what im doing on my phone. No more headaches!!
Perfect for crowded areas where you want some screen privacy. Installation is a breeze with the provided template, comes with enough prep accessories for two installs and fits like a glove.
Both screens arrived undamaged thanks to the heavy duty backing plate the screen is attached to.
This screen protector is pretty good option for the money. I was looking for privacy screen protector which will cover the entire screen of my 11Pro.
Before I’ve had another privacy screen protector on my XS which was lighting up edges when you look at certain angle. For me it was bothersome.This one doesn’t have that problem.
You can see on my picture the angle when the screen turns completely black.Of course you have to pay for privacy dimming up brightness settings on your phone.
There is no magic the screen protector does reduce display light a little bit.The only downside of this protector it is too glossy. I’m looking forward for matte version.
If it was matte I would give it 5 stars. But this is my personal preference. For those who likes original display shine this protector will be perfect solution to have same look and privacy bonus.
The glass is thick and touching/using it is like using nothing at all. There is an included guide plate that centers the screen protector for you, but I found this difficult to use with my phone as it didn’t secure well around the phone.
I’ve had other protectors in the past which lock the guide in place as the protector is applied, and thus guide seemed more flimsy and thinner then the ones I’m used to.
Still, the guide got me started on one end, and I then removed the guide and did the rest of the installation by hand. Once on, bubbles pressed out well and the screen protector looks great.
Great product not too dark and not too light
Good quality nice little perk tray to help with installation
Excellent screen protector!
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