But now workers are being told to work from home where possible to address the rising rates of coronavirus.

In June, the Office for National Statistics data found 49 percent of workers were working from home.

However, for an estimated 4.9 million retail workers. 4.5 million health and social care staff and more, this was impossible.

Mr Gove said there are many workers unable to conduct their jobs from their homes.

He said: “It’s important to stress that there are many, many, many roles that can’t be performed from home… there are people in manufacturing, construction, retail and other roles… we recognise it is simply impossible.

“That’s why we have worked to ensure you can have covid-secure workplaces.

“We need to balance the need for people to work and continue to go to school against taking steps to try and reduce the virus.”

The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster added: “If we can encourage people to work from home, we will, but if people need to be in the office, we will work to make it as safe as possible.”

source: express.co.uk


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