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These are real reviews about USB C Adapter for MacBook Pro 2019 2018 2017,USB C Hub USB C to HDMI VGA SD TF Card Reader 3USB 3.0 and USB C Power Pass-T… from customers who has bought this product that share their experiences so you can make the best buying decision.

Since I have to work from home for a while, a good adaptor is very important to make my work easier. This adaptor is very helpful. This one is small and easy to carry. This adaptor works very wells with my Mac.
For extended transfers such as large files for editing, speed seems to be great and because of the large aluminum shell any heat should be dissipated easily.
I dont believe this would be an issue for general use anyways. The display adapter portion works perfectly for my laptop and lets me connect a mouse or keyboard for home use, allowing me to make use of a larger display I have in place.
The vga (blue display connector) seems a bit outdated, but it is my understanding that many older projectors use that connector so it is justifiable. Works well for people who need access to storage on the go such as photographers/videographers.
I needed more ports, especially USB 2.0, and this powers them perfectly with one USB 3.0/Thunderbolt cable/connector. It’s simply awesome! It also has HDMI and SVGA, but I haven’t needed those features, so not able to review those ports. Great buy!
I Wouldnt steer you wrong its a beautiful functional device for a bargain. EZ 10 out of 10Its great works like a charm, the wire to connect to your device is sturdy, wires to connect hdmi, SD card slot and power are on the same side.
Also having a VGA output if needed to connect to a older computer monitor.Works great with ps4 controller via wired usb to mobile phones such as Samsung note 8.Great bang for your buck must haveIf to nit pick would love to see a audio output jack on the same side as hdmi side.SidenoteIf playing pubg mobile with bluetooth controller on will bug the mappings causing it to be un playable.
I bought this adapter because I wanted to be able to connect my Galaxy Note 10 Dex to my new 4K monitor or my old VGA monitor. The photos were taken with my phone hooked up to my 4k monitor through hdmi.
The option for 1440p is not available and I kept getting these warnings about not using genuine accessories.
Ive tried other non-samsung adapters and this did not come up, and I was successfully able to get dex at 1440p using other adapters with the same set up.I cant speak for the other capabilities of the device, Ill be returning it since it doesnt do what I need it to
Item arrived quickly and in excellent condition. So far, have only tested the USB ports and VGA connector (see photo: laptop connected to bigger screen), and everything looks good.
I asked if this would work for my laptop, and even the SELLER said it wouldnt work, but it does. I hooked up my VGA monitor to the hub and plugged it into the USB-C port on my laptop to use as a 2nd monitor.
Im running a 3rd monitor off the laptops HDMI port. The only issue with the VGA port is that because they designed the hub to be compact, there arent any screws to secure the VGA cable so it occasionally disconnects.
DELL told me that hubs dont work and that Id have to buy their overpriced dock. Dont believe them. This hub works.
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