Ready to play Minecraft in VR?


Minecraft’s PlayStation VR update will be available to download on Tuesday, the company tweeted on Monday. Earlier this month, PlayStation said users who already own the popular world-building game will get the patch for free. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay for the game, which according to the PlayStation Store, is $20. 

Once you’ve downloaded the update for PlayStation VR, you can play in either Immersive or Living Room.  

CNET reached out to Sony for more details on the release and we’ll update when we hear back. Earlier on Monday, PlayStation appeared to have mistakenly tweeted that the update was available today but that post has since been taken down.

Sony’s PlayStation VR debuted back in 2016 and could make its next big evolutionary leap alongside the debut of the PS5 release on Nov. 12. 

source: cnet.com


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