Good Morning Britain’s resident doctor, Hilary Jones, shut down presenter Piers Morgan when they discussed yesterday’s coronavirus press conference which was held by Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance. The scientists warned Covid-19 deaths will increase as infections surge, but Piers wanted to know where they had plucked the number 50,000 from – the possible number of cases per day which could be seen by the middle of October unless action is taken. 

“[I want] Government to explain why they are doing what they’re doing,” Piers began. 

“And how they’ve come to this figure! 

“At the moment, they’ve got this ridiculous situation, where you’ve got two advisors coming out saying ‘We’re not predicting what will happen, we’re just saying what is likely, possibly, may happen’ – which is a prediction! Which is 50,000 cases by the middle of October. 

“And the questions people are asking – who are more skeptical than me, and it’s a valid question; what are you basing that on?” he added. 

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“No, but Dr Hilary, do you think, if cases are going to double, then there is going to be a point where everybody, eventually has got the virus,” Piers added. 

“It completely ignores herd immunity – as a factor. It completely ignores when people start to shield and lock themselves away,” those watching at home heard Dr. Hilary say. 

“But how do you get to 50,000 by the middle of October?” the presenter questioned once more. 

“That’s based on what’s happened in the last few weeks and they’re presenting the science, they’re presenting the figures. They’re giving us the information and knowledge on which to base some rational decisions,” Dr. Hilary remarked. 

“But if you want the headline to be 50,000, that’s the figure they used, that’s what they did, but they haven’t explained what they’re basing it on, given that in every other country, nobody is projected to be near that by middle of October,” Piers continued. 

“And that’s the problem that the people who are sceptical about this and don’t want any action, are saying ‘Why? Why have you reached that figure?’ 

“And that’s what Boris Johnson has to answer today, he has to tell the British public why we have arrived at 50,000,” he concluded. 

Taking to Twitter to comment, one said: “After watching how they spoke to @DrHilaryJones I do see why ministers won’t go on! I think they like Hilary ( how could you not) and that’s how they treat him!” 

“Give Hillary a break he is just as confused as the rest of us, he is really trying to make this sound like it makes sense, no matter how you say it, if it dont make sense it dont make sense,” another wrote. 

Someone else added: “For once I agree with @piersmorgan on this as they weren’t questioned about it ,seems the media have been banned from challenging and questioning these scientists and ministers …….” 

Good Morning Britain airs weekday mornings at 6am on ITV. 



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