Why Microsofts Acquisition of Bethesda is Great for Gamers

pwnmaster300040m ago(Edited 35m ago)

“Now, I do understand that this might mean Playstation gamers missing out, which would definitely be undesirable. However, the same could have been said for PC and Xbox gamers having missed out on some of the best games which were locked to Playstation.”

That line is so dumb, those were games that was never gonna come to Xbox, but every game that Bethesda had already came out to PlayStation and was enjoyed by millions of PS fans.
So no not the same.

Also this is not good news for all gamers. You mean Xbox gamers lol. I swear MS can’t do no wrong to these journalist.

But on the topic.
This is exactly what MS needed and huge power move by them. I applaud them for putting in that work for next gen.
Sony has been slacking, while MS been making moves.
Question is, will this wake up Sony to pull more studios?

But at the same time I hope this doesn’t start a trend from both companies to acquire more big publishers and locking out games.
That will be annoying.
MS did it-cool
Sony follow- shit here we go
Nintendo follow- gaming just got more expensive

source: gamezpot.com