The Finger Guns Podcast Ep.76 – Why Ubisoft Isn't Making Splinter Cell

Ross @ FG: This week on The Finger Guns Podcast, Rossko, Greg, Toby and Sean get together to discuss just what on earth Ubisoft have against making a new Splinter Cell. Is there a popularity concern? There shouldn’t be, it would appear the entire industry is after a new adventure with Sam Fisher. We get deep into just why Ubisoft are probably holding back on giving our favourite three green eyed super stealthy super sleuth. Or something.

Elsewhere we discuss this weeks revelation that major PS5 releases will also be coming out on PS4 day and date. What does this mean for PS5 purchases? Are we less hesitant to get in on the fun on launch day if we can just get the PS4 versions of Miles Morales and Sackboy? What about Horizon Forbidden West? Most importantly, is it reason enough to get mad at PlayStation (it’s not)?