Now Super Mario 64 Is Running On A Sega Dreamcast

Seeing Super Mario 64 running on a PlayStation 2 was one thing, but there’s something even more unsettling/impressive about seeing it playable on a Sega console.

This is the same story as last week: now that Super Mario 64’s source code has been reverse-engineered, it’s possible to compile the game to run natively on different platforms, without the need for an emulator.

So this is Mario 64 actually running on the Dreamcast. Just…without sound at the moment (these things are still very much a work in progress).

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The version was put together by mrneo240 in less than a week, and again, this video was made by Fred Woodwho also makes games!—and like the PS2 version this is a speedrun, only with the added nightmare of having to use the Dreamcast’s controller to play Mario 64, which must have been deeply odd (in terms of button placement at least.

I look forward to posting another of these soon, maybe for the Atari Jaguar.