Despite a conspicuous absence of evidence about the existence of an afterlife, many people remain proponents of life after death. One of the most extraordinary accounts of the afterlife arrived recently from a man – known only as Alfred A to protect his anonymity.

Alfred’s brush with death occurred after overdosing on narcotics.

The German man shared his apparently “spiritual” experience after consuming his wife’s pain medication on the Near Death Experience Research Foundation site.

He said: “I was dozing off for some time. When suddenly, I was startled because I was literally ejected out of my body.

“I was wide awake and floating above my body.

“It looked so unfamiliar from a bird’s eye view.

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“What I remember next, is looking for my room in the psychiatric ward.”

However, medical experts are totally unconvinced near-death experiences like this are evidence of the afterlife.

One of the most popular theories instead suggests NDEs are hallucinations triggered by dying brain cells during a moment of trauma.

And another theory proposes NDEs are actually hallucinations caused by a lack of oxygen flowing to the brain.



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